Deadlines, long working hours, your boss who keeps loading more on your plate - we get it...life constraints can sometimes weigh you down, and the one thing that’ll keep you going that little bit longer is a drink to satisfy your caffeine needs.

RAGE is a technology and retail platform that empowers you to revitalise your day by ordering caffeinated beverages at the touch of a button. Through our mobile application and venues, we hope to bring you closer to your community while striving towards creating greatness. Download the app today!


RAGE is powered by 3 R’s: Relationships, Reinvention and Revitalisation.

RAGE aims to constantly create motivation within one’s career and personal life. Challenging you to #NeverSettle, we want our RAGEr’s to challenge the status quo. Build sustaining relationships with your friends and colleagues or within your community and environment. We want you to reinvent yourself: Break away from who you think you are and push yourself to become better and unlabel yourself. Besides drinks, revitalise yourself through refreshing perspectives and ideas.